Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (Acorna series) [Anne McCaffrey, Margaret Ball] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Something's Alive In There! Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Found in a survival pod in space by prospectors, the Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (Acorna series Book 1) by [McCaffrey, Anne. Acorna is a "Unicorn Girl", a fantasy fiction character created by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball in their novel Acorna: The Unicorn Girl . The Acorna  ‎Acorna's appearance · ‎Origin · ‎Race · ‎Relationship.


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Anne mccaffrey acorna later books, the story of searching for acorna's people takes place, along with her finding a boyfriend who is physically and emotionally scarred, and finding out that her people are at war with a bug-like race, the Khleevi who are responsible for not only her being an orphan but also for her boyfriends scars as well.

Acorna - Wikipedia

Up until this point the story is pretty straightforward and easy to understand and really quite enjoyable. Anne McCaffrey once again is able to create a world that is easily understandable, with characters you can identify with. However, eventually as the series wore on, i think she ran out of anne mccaffrey acorna developments and the story just turns downright well, bizarre.

Acorna's mother avi and father lalli are Feriila and Vaanye of the Renyilaaghe. Neeva tells Acorna that she has Feriila's eyes when they first meet.

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl

Her father anne mccaffrey acorna a scientist who 'had adapted his researches into the topology of space to weapons research shortly before his death'. An unexpected side-effect of her father's weapons technology transported Acorna's escape pod to where the miners found it.

Acorna's great-grandmother, Niikaavri of Clan Geeyiinah, was responsible for the design of the egg-ships use by Acorna's people.

Race[ edit ] Acorna belongs anne mccaffrey acorna a race of humanoids called Linyaari.

Acorna Series

She finds this out in Acorna's Quest when she encounters her aunt 'mother-sister' and her fellow shipmates. The Linyaari are a peaceful race whose planet, Vhiliinyar, or "Home of the People", was invaded by the insect-like Khleevi, forcing them to move to anne mccaffrey acorna, or "New Home of the People".

They flee shortly before the Khleevi invasion, which destroys their home world Vhiliinyar in search of an anne mccaffrey acorna objective. They are a beautiful race, tall and graceful, with abilities to heal wounds and purify substances such as air and water.


They can also communicate telepathically with each other. Partially descended from unicorns, Ancestors who still live among them, cared for by specific attendants. Like the Ancestors, the Linyaari are a peace-loving people and do not tolerate violence in any of its forms, even going so far as to not have any military or weapons to speak of.

The only weapon at all was being developed by Acorna's father and was a form of suicide that destroyed the user's ship and the Khleevis' as well.

During the course of her journey, she came across a planet full of small children who were treated as slaves. anne mccaffrey acorna

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (Acorna #1) by Anne McCaffrey

She saves and frees them and moves on with her journey. The Linyaari people are just like Acorna and they also have the special powers that Acorna has. They have horns, odd feet and silver hair as that of Acorna.

Their planet Vhiliinyar is attacked by anne mccaffrey acorna Khleevi, who forces them anne mccaffrey acorna go to another planet. The Khleevi are the insect-like aliens, who are full of malice. They have brown, hard carapaces and legs that shoot green energy bolts to spit out black acid.

They are always devoted to torture and killing people of other planets.

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