Atelier Zinc architecture, firme d'architecte: Services de conception durable, nous priorisons l'utilisation de matériaux simples et écologiques. Passionné d'architecture et de design, sa signature s'inscrit dans un courant moderne et actuel. A travers son agence d'architecture haut de gamme à Lyon et Saint Tropez, Laurent et la réalisation de bâtiments et de villas modernes et contemporaines. En tant que champ interdisciplinaire, l'architecture est influencée par de de la nature dans des technologies constructives modernes (Cervera et Pioz, ). . est possible de développer de nouvelles méthodes de fabrication écologique à.


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Because of a lack of political ambition and visions for the future, is it condemned now in to remain a museum city or to gentrification?

The urban constraints of the First Empire in the west, same as of the Haussmann period in the east about the alignment and the size of all the buildings of the street offer to Paris its monumental appearance with strict lines and surprising effect of perspective that suited Napoleon whowanted to build a prestigious street dedicated to luxury.

Three architecture ecologique moderne of renewable energies will be available in each tower: During the day, two huge photovoltaic and thermal solar shields bio inspired by the structure finely cut from dragonfly wings will produce electricity and hot sanitary water.


At night, a reversible hydro-electrical pumped storage station will let an urban cascade flow out from the top of the tower between to basins of rainwater retention tanks located at different levels, preventing the need of batteries to store the electricity produced by the solar dragonfly wings.

Finally, the garden balconies will surround the inhabited storeys and filter in clean recycled waters rejected by the inhabitants by phyto-purification and bio-composting. Deserted by the Parisians because of the competition of the architecture ecologique moderne, the line is architecture ecologique moderne most of the route, closed to the traffic of travelers from the 23rd July Inthere are 61 bridges: On this emblematic and historical place with a controversial destiny, the urban policy is to transform this space into a green ecological corridor by preserving the railway heritage and the triple multi use of the site between the railways, cycle paths, and walkways.

Architecte,Rive-Sud, Clé en main, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu,Écologi

Wildlife, meadows, forests, vegetation is back on the urban land. The cycle paths and the urban vegetable gardens will be implemented vertically around architecture ecologique moderne cyclonic towers depolluting the grounds by hydroponic phyto-purification and filtering the atmospheric smog thanks to their photocatalytic structure in titanium dioxide.

  • Architecture, Ethics, and Technology - Louise Pelletier, Alberto Pérez-Gómez - Google Books
  • Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture | Paris
  • Agence d'architecture haut de gamme à Lyon et Saint Tropez - Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne
  • Échappée verte à Berlin
  • June - July - August
  • *** AVIS IMPORTANT ***
  • Un bâtiment moderne mais ecologique

These depolluting towers will offer a strong urban density of cultivated housings thanks to their minimal impact in the ground and their architecture in splay. Energetically, these towers will produce electricity by the integration of axial architecture ecologique moderne turbines of Darrieus type in the strengthened facade on the one hand and on the other hanf in photovoltaic flexible textile that enable the rainwater and dew on the roof.

These tunnels will be lighted by piezoelectrical promenades.


Inthe foundations of Montparnasse tower were laid on the site of the former Montparnasse railway station. Inthree years after the end of its construction, the construction of skyscrapers was over because the municipality decided to architecture ecologique moderne the construction of building of more than seven floors.

InMontparnasse tower will thus be a carbon neutral BEPOS ecosystem without fossil fuels built under the shape of a vertical public park on several floors overhung by sky gardens.

Our publication is a detailed yet critical analysis of his work to date. The first monograph on architecture ecologique moderne work of Rudy Ricciotti whose architecture is extravagant yet radiates Mediterranean simplicity, is powerfully expressive yet gently ironic.

What is the politics of visibility that is applied to them? How to capture their peculiar rhythms, speeds and affects?


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