Autopsy definition, inspection and dissection of a body after death, as for determination of the cause of death; postmortem examination. See more. autopsy definition: 1. the cutting open and examination of a dead body in order to discover the cause of death: 2. the act of cutting open and examining a dead. Definition of autopsy - a post-mortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease.


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What Is an Autopsy? - Definition, Procedure & Results - Video & Lesson Transcript |

A new body autopsy definition is used for each body to ensure autopsy definition only evidence from that body is contained within the bag. Evidence sheets are an alternative way to transport the body. An evidence sheet is a sterile sheet that covers the body when it is moved.

If it is believed there may be any significant evidence on the hands, for example, gunshot residue or skin under the fingernailsa separate paper sack is put around each hand and taped shut around the wrist.

Autopsy - definition of autopsy by The Free Dictionary

There are two parts to the physical examination of the body: External examination[ edit ] At many institutions the person responsible for handling, cleaning, and moving the body is called a dienerthe German word for servant. In the UK this role is performed by an Anatomical Pathology Technician APTwho will also assist the pathologist in autopsy definition the body and reconstruction after the autopsy definition.

After the body is received, it is first photographed. The examiner then notes the kind of clothes and their position on the body before they are removed. Next, any evidence such as residue, flakes of paint or other material is collected from the external surfaces of the body.

Autopsy - Wikipedia

Ultraviolet light may also be used to search body surfaces for any evidence not easily autopsy definition to the naked eye. Samples of hairautopsy definition and the like are taken, and the body may also be radiographically imaged.

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Once the external evidence is collected, the body is removed from the bag, undressed, and any wounds present are examined. The body is then cleaned, weighed, and measured in preparation for the internal examination. A general description of the body as regards ethnic groupsexage, hair colour and length, eye colour and other distinguishing features birthmarks autopsy definition, old scar tissuemolestattoosetc.


A voice recorder autopsy definition a standard examination form is normally used to record this information. In some countries[ citation needed ], e. This concept is sometimes termed a "view and grant".


The principle autopsy definition this is that the autopsy definition records, history of the deceased and circumstances of death have all indicated as to the cause and manner of death without the need for an internal examination.

This gives the APT, or pathologist, maximum exposure to the trunk. After this is done, the internal examination begins.

The internal examination consists of inspecting the internal organs of the body by dissection for autopsy definition of trauma or other indications of the cause of death. For the internal examination there are a number of different approaches available: This is autopsy definition used on women and during chest-only autopsies.

There is no need for any incision to be made, which will be visible after completion of the examination when the deceased is dressed in a shroud.

In all of the above cases the incision then extends autopsy definition the way down to the pubic bone making a deviation to either side of the navel and avoiding, where possible; transsecting any scars which may be autopsy definition.

Bleeding from the cuts is minimal, or non-existent, because the pull of gravity is producing the only blood pressure at this point, related directly to the complete lack of cardiac functionality.

What Is an Autopsy? - Definition, Procedure & Results

However, in certain cases there is anecdotal evidence that bleeding can be quite profuse, especially in cases of drowning. At this point, shears are used to open the chest cavity. These types of autopsy are not performed without consent, either from the deceased before death or from the next autopsy definition kin.

The Human Tissue Act Vicfor example, allows people to autopsy definition an autopsy before they die and that is sufficient authority for the autopsy to be performed

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