Sep 6, Bhakti is the *yoga of love* and devotion. | See more ideas about Yoga poses, Spirituality and Yoga meditation. “The most ancient traveler in the world is love,” Swami Rama often told his students. “Many follow the path of bhakti yoga, the path of love and devotion, but it is. The practice of yoga can promote a healthy lifestyle with the right approach and devotion. One type of yoga that is more focused on the spiritual or the religio.


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Another way of classification is, Gauna or lower form and Maukhya or higher form of Bhakti.

Bhakti Yoga: the Yoga of Devotion • Yoga Basics

To be on the path of Bhakti Yoga, you need to inculcate certain disciplines in your life. This may be achieved by choosing: Chakra Balancing Yoga God does not need all this preparation to accept your love but these help you create an aura conductive of Bhakti in initial bhakti yoga poses of Bhakti Yoga.

Beliefs bhakti yoga poses Doctrines The Bhagavad Gita is one of the key texts of bhakti yoga. These ancient verses tell the story of the Hindu deity Krishna explaining to his disciple, Arjuna, the different paths of yoga, including bhakti yoga.


According to the Bhagavad Gita, bhakti yoga is synonymous with a life devoted to God bhakti yoga poses service, prayer, and meditation. Ultimately, however, the practice of bhakti yoga is not about any one teacher or set of dogma.

The most popular limb of Bhakti Yoga in the West is Bhakti yoga poses usually called Kirtanwith national and local Kirtan walas performing weekly in small to large cities.

Bhakti Yoga can be practiced by itself or be integrated into other types of yoga or spiritual practices. It infuses joy, divine ecstasy, bliss, peace and knowledge.

Bhakti Yoga Asanas and Benefits

All cares, worries and anxieties, fears, mental torments and tribulations entirely vanish. No other instrument expresses so perfectly the nuances of thought and feeling.


For this reason the voice is a very powerful tool for helping us bhakti yoga poses with the energy of our heart. Concentrate, therefore, on projecting a positive tone and vibration in your voice. You can also develop the voice by using it in more naturally devotional practices, such as singing or chanting.

As you use music and your voice to express the love of your heart for Divine Mother, your voice will change and take on the energy of the expanded heart.

Your students, in learning to use the asana affirmations deliberately and with feeling, will discover the relationship between bhakti yoga poses voice and energy.

If they repeat the affirmations from an awareness in the heart, they will receive added support for their practice. For this reason, it can be helpful occasionally to invite your students to repeat the affirmations aloud and with devotion or longing.

After all, these affirmations represent states of consciousness that everyone longs to possess, and that longing comes from the heart. Project Outward from Your Heart One of the most powerful ways to open the heart is to invite bhakti yoga poses in.

Bhakti Yoga - The Yoga of Devotion

Encourage your students to use it consciously to expand their bubble of joy to bhakti yoga poses others. Tell them that if at first this seems difficult or insincere, be patient.

As they proceed in their practice, deepening relaxation will so soothe and melt their hearts that this outflow of love will happen naturally.

Similarly, when bhakti yoga poses finish your practice or your class, share your joy, your love, with everyone.

Main Goals of Bhakti Yoga

Send out vibrations of bhakti yoga poses love to all. At The Expanding Light Retreat, meditations usually end with healing prayers to share with others in need. Although your students may be unfamiliar with this practice, most will recognize the truth behind it.

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