Bratislava. Overview and History. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia or the Slovak Republic, which made up half of Czechoslovakia until its official. Public transportation in Slovakia. File:Mestský okruh 2 (Bratislava) (mapa).png. No higher resolution available. Mestský_okruh_2_(Bratislava)_(mapa).png ( × pixels, file.


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Plan of the ZOO, ZOO Bratislava

Bratislava Overview and History Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia or bratislava mapa Slovak Republic, which made up half bratislava mapa Czechoslovakia until its official independence began in January Bratislava had many other names in the past.

It was first known as Brezalauspurc in the Germanic Annales Ivuavenses. Other names have been Pozsony, Pressburg, Istropolis and the slang short form "Blava.

That's getting back there by where homo sapiens first appeared, isn't it? The Celtic Boii tribe, whence we get the word "Bohemian" arrived around BC and made a fortified settlement that had its own mint for silver coinage.

bratislava mapa Silver coins are a very handy archaeological reference point. Following the Celtic period of occupancy, the area fell into Roman hands and remained a border town for five centuries.

Bratislava mapa Romans cultivated vineyards, the tradition of which still remains to this day in Slovakia. Slavic peoples arrived between the 5th and 6th centuries. They united under the empire of Samo, a Frankish king who created the first Slavic states to defend against Avarian tribal onslaught.


The castle in Bratislava was constructed in the 10th century, when the surrounding land was part of the kingdom of Hungary. The first written record of the city comes from a battle between the Bavarian army and Hungary. Bratislava mapa kings and queens were coronated at St. The city flourished under the reign of Maria Theresa during the 18th century, as it became one of the largest towns in the are of Slovakia and Hungary.

Bratislava mapa modern European history, Bratislava saw a lot of action.

MAPA Slovakia Editor s.r.o. | Members | Visit Bratislava

Napolean came through and tore things up After centuries of upheaval, the first permanent bridge bratislava mapa the Danube river was built in In Bratislava became part of Czechoslovakia, despite the Hungarian and German population's disapproval.

A public demonstration in turned bloody when Czechoslovak Legions opened fire on Hungarian protesters, who were against the occupation. Bratislava took its current moniker on March 27th, It was invaded by the Russian Red Army and subsequently became part of the Soviet Socialist Republic, a period which lasted fifty years.

Bratislava was one of the centers of anti-Communist demonstration in the late 's, and it became the capital of the Slovak Republic following the Velvet Divorce of Getting There Bratislava is on the Danube river so you can always float up from Hungary in your boat if you want to.

Alternately, the Bratislava Airport connects with the city by bus It's about twenty minutes; get a sixty minute ticket to be safe and don't forget to stamp it in the machine! Ticket inspectors especially love to nab tourists.

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