Discover the Section Communication Systems at EPFL! Study plan 2 + 3 years · Semester project Communication systems, the fabric of our society. The main hypothesis is “The network communication system provides the most effective Large impact on the communication system has the type of project. Communication is among the more important factors for success in project If a project management information system is worth much, the communication.


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We provide wireless sensor network with various sensor elements which use sensor node for data transmission. We provide power aware techniques to automatically adjust power communication system projects in multi hop links.


Fuzzy logic communication system projects congestion control for wireless multimedia sensor network: We handle congestion which is a major issue affecting multimedia communication in WMSN. Find the best topic for your final year electronics project here at our online project repository. View our electronics and communication engineering projects here.

Successful project managers are less likely to use the other 3 modes for conflict resolution.

Developing better communication skills Communication system projects companies spend a lot of money in conducting technical trainings and give less importance on soft skills training like communication training. It is quite rare to find information technical professionals with the ability to apply both good technical and communication skills.

Communication skills are the key to advancing their careers especially if one wants to be a good and successful project manager. Communications skills training include role-playing activities in which participants learn concepts such as building rapport.

It takes leadership to help improve communication in employees.

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Often people complain about the time they waste in unnecessary or poorly planned and poorly executed meetings. Meetings conducted with the team or client can be made effective by following some simple guidelines as listed below: Define the purpose and outcome of the meeting Determine who should attend the meeting Provide an agenda to the participants before the meeting Prepare handouts, visual aids related to the discussion if required before in-hand and distribute to the participants Execute the meeting professionally Build relationships Senior management should expect high expectations and be a communication system projects model.

Organizations should allocate time and budget for conducting trainings, provide staff to assist in relationship management and include time in projects to have informal meetings with clients to help develop relationships. Like any other goal, communication can be developed better and improved with proper planning, support, and leadership from senior management.

Using templates for project communications It is important to prepare and store project related templates and guidelines for common project communication items such as project charter, project description, status reports and so on. Communication system projects documentation from previous projects could be a good source.

It will be helpful to people who are not experienced and new to projects and also for people who are not good at documenting. To make it even more convenient to use templates, the organization should provide the facility of templates being available online.


The team should understand the senior management's, or stake holder's or customer's documentation communication system projects for each particular project. Hence if required, session should be given to the team to provide awareness about the templates, the documentation standard's to be used and the availability of documentation guidelines.

Developing Communication Infrastructure A communication infrastructure is a set of tools, techniques and principles that provide a foundation for the effective transfer of information among people. Tools include e-mail, project management software, fax, telephones, online chat, videoconferencing systems, teleconferencing systems, document management software and so on.


If the project team is not co-located which is increasingly common video conferencing is good, followed by phone calls.

After that, Instant Messaging IM has its place, and then comes email. communication system projects

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Email is asynchronous, meaning that it works in one direction at a time, and whilst it has its place, especially when working across time zones, it should not be the primary communication method.

Techniques include reporting guidelines, templates, meeting ground rules and procedures, emailing guidelines decision-making processes, problem solving approaches, conflict resolution techniques, and root cause analysis.

Communication is a two way street, and the PM needs to ensure that traffic flows freely communication system projects both directions. This diversity provides a further communication challenge for the project manager.

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