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He should be incapacitated long before the highest setting.


Even after maximum voltage had been used on him, the man was still struggling to get upright and was still lucid. The other subjects had suffered severe convulsions before falling unconscious after the same amount of voltage had swept through them.

Evenfall sonny ais sure the techs weren't aware of how strong it is but they will be informed. She strode to the door, looking expectantly at the guards. After a evenfall sonny ais hesitation, Travis input a series of codes into the keypad beside the door.

There was a low beep and a green light indicated that it had unlocked. Travis stepped inside immediately, a few other guards ringing her as she entered.

She walked directly into the room and did not comment on the guards, instead watching Sin with detachment. Sin's head rolled to the side and he stared up at her through his hair, his face set in a grimace even though he didn't give any indication that he was still in pain.

He opened his mouth, closed it, wet his lips, and opened it again. She surveyed Sin's restraints with a clinical air and strode closer, stopping just far enough away that he would not be able to reach her even if he surged to the ends of the chains. She kept the remote in her evenfall sonny ais but made no move to use it again.

In the Company of Shadows | Ais

He stared at Vivienne through narrowed green eyes that glinted dangerously and with a calculating quality that caused the guards to glance at each other uneasily. Though I'm not aware of why you're in here reiterating it.

Even though she was a woman of average height and strength, she seemed entirely unaffected by the fact that she was standing in the presence of a man who utterly terrified so many of the staff; a man who could kill a person in seconds.

A man who was making even evenfall sonny ais guards nervous.

I do not take kindly to dealing with fallout from preventable mistakes, particularly in high profile situations. Do not make the assumption that you are ever out of my view, whether on compound or elsewhere.

I evenfall sonny ais be watching you and I deal with all infractions swiftly and without sympathy.

He raised his eyebrows, his humorless smile firmly intact. You would not appreciate the situation you found yourself in if you did.

This site is...

There was a beat evenfall sonny ais silence in which it seemed she would not answer but then she said with mild contempt, "Your intelligence is grossly exaggerated if you honestly expected me to answer that question. The average person would probably turn away from such an expression, would shudder at what appeared to be a genuine ability to promise violence simply by the slightest narrowing of his eyes.

Yet Vivienne watched him evenly, expressionlessly, and after a moment Sin just shrugged. He allowed himself to fall back against the wall gracelessly as he gave up on whatever enjoyment he gained from attempting to intimidate her.

In the Company of Shadows - Fanlore

Vivienne scrutinized him for a breath longer before she evenfall sonny ais and strode back into the hallway without further comment. Once the guards followed her out and the door was locked once more, she said to them firmly, "Give him another dose of the drugs you are using to control him.

If he has the energy evenfall sonny ais be disrespectful, he has the energy to escape. Her ice blue eyes were narrowed and the faint reflection of her expression in the window was as unreadable as ever.

In the company of shadows

She didn't speak until Carhart was standing next to her again, staring into the cell as evenfall sonny ais. I have evenfall sonny ais to go through with my recommendation for his newest trial partner.

He'd previously thought that this visit had been solely for the purpose of Vivienne determining whether or not Sin would be a public risk if he were reinstated as an agent.

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