Department 0f Fertilizers. Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Government of India. INDIAN FERTILIZER. SCENARIO. 2 0 1 3. The fertilizer industry in India is in the core sector and second to steel in terms of investment. Prior to /61, India produced only straight nitrogenous fertilizers [ammonium sulphate (AS), urea, calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), ammonium chloride and single superphosphate (SSP)]. The data refers to Production, Imports and Consumption of Fertilizers in India (in thousand tonnes of nutrients). It gives details of the various types of fertilizers (Nitrogenous fertilizers, Phosphatic fertilizers and Potassic fertilizers) for various years.


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Fertilizers in india, Mar 29 Sree Ram With the government linking the sale of fertilizers to Aadhaar, thereby tightening the sale process, urea sales may continue to trend lower in the coming crop season, says analyst.

The government may have shied away from urea pricing reforms. But fertilizers in india decision to give urea a coating of neem oil may have triggered a transformation in the sector.

Responding to a question in Parliament, the government said urea sales till 20 March stood at just over 29 million tonnes, implying a 1.


After the decontrol of P and K fertilizers the growth in consumption slowed. Since then, the growth in consumption has been erratic. Fertilizer production and consumption has increased over time due to land scarcity and increased demand for agricultural products.

India is one of the largest consumers of chemical fertilizers in the world. Continued promotional work undertaken by the fertiliser industry facilitated the use of a variety fertilizers in india fertilisers for balanced fertiliser usage in this zone.

fertilizers in india

Is India turning the corner on usage of fertilizers? - Livemint

Consumption of fertilisers by states and percentage variation West Zone Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are the major fertiliser consuming states in the west zone. These five states account for fertilizers in india per cent of the total fertiliser consumption in the country.

Maharashtra ranks third with a share of 11 per cent in all India consumption.


Per hectare consumption is less than kg in all the states— kg in Gujarat, kg in Maharashtra and kg in Chhattisgarh. It fertilizers in india lower than kg in the remaining states—86 kg in Madhya Pradesh and 52 kg in Rajasthan.

Fertility status of soil in the states of west zone is low to medium in case of N and P and medium to high in case of K while NPK ratio is more or less balanced, except in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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Overall Fertilizers in india use ratio of the zone is 7. Availability of various products, and promotional and extension work done by the industry, has led to the use of a variety of fertilisers in this zone.

Endnote Fertiliser consumption in India has witnessed fertilizers in india phenomenal increase over fertilizers in india past four decades. Where the government had the move to aim at reducing subsidy and decontrolled all the phosphatic and potassic fertilizers in the ratio of fertilizer utilization was strained.

The government strategized a long term fertilizer policy to be completed in three different phase, beginning in and ending in Finalize policy on fertilizer pricing and capacity enhancement.

Eliminate distribution controls on urea and augment concession scheme to biofertilizers. Increase in urea prices from time to time. Reorganize the association between the industry and farmers.

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