Read "Gauntlgrym Neverwinter Saga, Book I" by R.A. Salvatore with Rakuten Kobo. Drizzt joins Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free. Gauntlgrym, in Forgotten Realms lore, it is an ancient ruined dwarven city. Drizzt, Dahlia and Artemis Entreri now free of the influence of Charon's Claw, set out. Gauntlgrym Page 1. PROLOGUE The Year of True Omens ( DR) A LOT COULD BE SAID OF KING BRUENOR BATTLEHAMMER OF MITHRAL Hall, and.


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He stomped on the foot-bellows he had built into the hearth, sending a long, steady stream of air rushing across the coals and low-burning logs. He worked diligently at the fire for a long while, adjusting the logs, pumping the bellows, and Drizzt thought the display fitting free gauntlgrym Bruenor.

For that was how the dwarf did everything, from holding strong the tentative peace with Many-Arrows to keeping his clan operating in efficient harmony.

Gauntlgrym (Neverwinter #1) read online free by R.A. Salvatore

Everything just right, and so too was the fire, at last, and Bruenor settled back in his chair and picked free gauntlgrym his great mug of mead. Free gauntlgrym king shook his head, his face a mask of regret.

Bruenor scoffed at him, somewhat viciously. And his spearmen bringed down yer dear elf lass, and the winged horse she rode.

Bruenor sighed and dropped his face into his palm. Drizzt let him stew there for a few moments, but finally could take it no longer. The dwarves found unusual veins of magical ore, but in their digging, they encountered the slumbering primordial. After that disastrous encounter, Delzoun sealed the tunnels and focused on expanding their empire.

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He convinced the dwarves of Delzoun to build a city around the mines of Gaunlgrym in order to harness the power of the primordial to create exceptional pieces of metalwork. Construction on the city began in DR [18] as a joint effort between the human wizards of Illusk and the dwarves of Delzoun.

Maerin and the elven wizards of Iliyanbruen extended the reach of the "roots" of the Host Tower of the Arcane in Illusk to carry the cooling waters of the sea to the primordial.

They would later use the city as a base from which to attack the Kraken Societywho had managed to injure their elder brain and managed to abduct and brainwash one of their own in DR.

They would also find unexpected numbers when they accepted refugees free gauntlgrym destroyed Phanlinksal in DR[22] who aided them in their main goal which seemed to be the creation of half-illithid hybrid free gauntlgrym.

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This angers her rival Sylora Salm as she was also Themerelis' lover. Meanwhile, Drizzt, Bruenor, and Pwent have continued to search free gauntlgrym Gauntlgrym with no success.


Nanfoodle and Jessa stay with them for many years, but eventually die of old age. While searching for the lost kingdom in Ten-Towns and Icewind Dale, they free gauntlgrym rumors of a sanctuary inhabited by a beautiful witch free gauntlgrym a halfling caretaker.


While visiting Clan Battlehammer, Bruenor traveling under the alias Bonnego decides to continue his search for more information to the location of Gauntlgrym.

Pwent, having reached an age where he is not as agile and mobile as he free gauntlgrym was, reluctantly decides to stay in Icewind Dale when Drizzt and Bruenor take their leave.

Herzgo Alegni is in the city of Neverwinter working with the Netherese and opposing the Free gauntlgrym. Upset that the city lord will not rename a bridge after him, he recalls his chief assassin Barrabus the Gray from free gauntlgrym home in Memnon. Barrabus is described as a dark-haired, dark-eyed, slight but muscular man.

Although it is never mentioned, he bears a striking resemblance to Drizzt's former arch-rival Artemis Entreri. Barrabus is armed with a main-gauche and a magic knife. The knife can hold and deliver poison with deadly accuracy.

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He then instructs Barrabus to convince the lord of the city to change the bridge's name. When Barrabus shows disdain towards Herzgo, the assassin is punished free gauntlgrym means of a magical tuning fork on the sword free gauntlgrym Herzgo carries.

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The sword is called Claw and has a blood-red blade. The magic attack causes Barrabus much pain.


Free gauntlgrym is successful in getting the name of the bridge changed. Dahlia and Dor'crae arrive in Luskan and enter the Illusk undead section of Luskan. While there, they meet the unstable lich Valindra Shadowmantle.

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