History. What is known today as DC Comics was founded in by publishing entrepreneur Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson under the name of "National Allied. The DC Comics made a name for themselves in as they were then founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. During that time its company was known as National Allied Publications. The initials for the DC Comic books were from taken from the Detective Comic series. With that series came the rise of Batman. Corporate history. Pulp writer Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded National Allied Publications in For much of its history, the company was colloquially known as DC Comics, but it did not officially adopt that name until


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When the sales of the title proved unexpectedly strong and market research confirmed that the character, Superman, was the major reason, history of dc comics period called the Golden Age of comic books began. In reaction, the company introduced such other popular characters as Batman, and Wonder Woman, and the first superhero team, the Justice Society of America.

DC Comics History and DC Comics Background

The company began to aggressively move against imitators for copyright violations by other companies such as Wonderman, which according to court testimony was created as a copy of Superman. This started a years long court battle that ended in when Fawcett capitulated and history of dc comics ceased comics publication, selling its character-rights to DC — which in ironically revived Captain Marvel, and his creator, C.

Beck, in the new title Shazam!. The lapsed "Captain Marvel" trademark had been seized by History of dc comics indisallowing the DC comic itself to be called that.

While Captain Marvel did not recapture his old popularity, a Saturday morning live action TV adaptation was popular and the character would gain a noted place in the DC Universe.

When the popularity of superheros faded in the late s, the company focused on such genres as science fiction, Westerns, humor and history of dc comics.


DC largely avoided the crime and horror trends of history of dc comics time, thus avoiding the mids backlash against such comics. Silver Age In the mids, editorial director Irwin Donenfeld and publisher Liebowitz directed editor Julius Schwartz to do a one-shot Flash story in the try-out title Showcase.

The History of dc comics family of titles, under editor Mort Weisinger, introduced such enduring characters as Supergirl, Bizarro, and Brainiac. The Batman titles, under editor Jack Schiff, introduced history of dc comics less successful Batwoman, Bat-Girl and Bat-Mite in an attempt to modernize the strip with science-fiction elements.

Meanwhile, editor Kanigher successfully introduced a whole family of Wonder Woman characters having fantastic adventures in a mythological context. A s Batman TV show on the ABC network sparked a temporary spike in comic-book sales, and a brief fad for superheros in Saturday morning animation and other media.

The History of The DC Comics Universe

The Marvel Comics, who at first were not so eager to follow the same path of its rival. They did soon give in and then started to create their own group of super heroes.

As a result the comic book industry started a new approach and with history of dc comics came different lines that was intended towards a more mature audience and also adult readers.


They also took a big gamble that was very drastic as they featured the death to some of the main and popular characters, such as the death of superman. Officially speaking in this context, it is also generally known as the beginning of the modern age of superheldencomics, and as the whole organization of the organization was characterized by an incredible degree of freedom for readers and artists, MARVEL easily came out of its throne.

The general upturn in the industry picked up in the s as readers became aware of the growing attention. It can almost be said that the books have history of dc comics been actively regarded as collectors. The economic downturn, however, stifled the joy in combination with increasing disinterest in germination, which led to a phase of depression.

Hush from the year succeeded.

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At the same time, however, the best-known figures were not neglected. Instead, they were discussed in the new-appearing all-star series, which focused on the origins of all of them. DC's extended storylines in which Superman was killedBatman history of dc comics crippled and superhero Green Lantern turned into the supervillain Parallax resulted in dramatically increased sales, but the increases were as temporary as the hero's replacements.

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