Also, please note that it's "HTML 4", not "HTML4". Indeed, for HTML 5, both variants are used, but there is an important difference in meaning. HTML 5 refers to the name of the W3C specification, whereas "HTML5" is the document type of those HTML files with a text/html MIME type that follow this 5 - What are the key differences. Following are some of the major characteristics that distinguish HTML5 from HTML4. 1. Simplified and Clear Syntax The syntax in HTML5 is extremely clear and  Why do people say CSS3 and HTML5 but they never said. It's going to be a while before HTML5 is the new standard and everything HTML5 has to offer is supported by all the important browsers.


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HTML4 Vs HTML5 Comparison

So, HTML5 is attempting to discover and codify this error handling, so that browser developers can all standardize and greatly reduce the time and money required to display things consistently.

Its complement, bdo, lets you explicitly override and force a particular directionality. For even more slick internationalization, the elements ruby, rp, and rt are included for ruby annotations, which are meant for pronunciation aids rather than for Ruby On Rails programmers.

The more high-level new elements include things like canvas, meant for specifying an area for drawing a bitmapped graphic on the fly, such as html4 vs html5 data graph or game graphic; meter is a placeholder for a numeric measurement of an expected size and is eerily similar to format in ancient FORTRANwhile progress is its graphical counterpart, to be used where you want a progress bar.

Web Developer Basics: Differences Between HTML4 And HTML5

Last, but not least, there are the multimedia elements audio, video, source, embed that we covered in detail in the last article. Accessing User Html4 vs html5 location Previously in HTML4, it was an extremely cumbersome task to get the geographical locations of the visitors visiting the site.

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It was even difficult when the website was accessed through mobile devices. These are called html4 vs html5 attributes: There are also several new global attributes: The contenteditable attribute indicates that the element is an editable area.


The user can change the contents of the element and manipulate the markup. Web developers can html4 vs html5 any attribute they want as long as they prefix it with data- to avoid clashes with future versions of HTML.

Html5 - What's the key difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5? - Stack Overflow

These are intended to html4 vs html5 used to store custom data to be consumed by the Web page or application itself.

They are not intended for data to be consumed by other parties e. The hidden attribute indicates that an element is not yet, or is no longer, relevant.

The spellcheck attribute allows for hinting whether content can be checked for spelling or not. The translate attribute gives a hint to translators whether the content should be translated. Html4 vs html5 also makes all event handler attributes from HTML4, which take the form onevent, global attributes and adds several new event handler attributes for new events it defines; for html4 vs html5, the onplay event handler attribute for the play event which is used by the API for the media elements video and audio.


The specification has an index of all events. The address element is now scoped by the nearest ancestor article or body element.

HTML5 Differences from HTML4

The b element now represents a span of text to which attention is being drawn for utilitarian purposes without conveying any extra importance and with no implication html4 vs html5 an alternate voice or mood, such as key words in a document abstract, product names in a review, actionable words in interactive text-driven software, or an article lede.

The blockquote element still represents content that is quoted from another source but now also allows including a citation in a footer or cite element as well as inline changes such as annotations and abbreviations.

html4 vs html5 The dl element now represents an association list of name-value groups, and is no longer said to be appropriate for dialogue. It is only a container for graphics.

HTML5 Differences from HTML4

Inside this container, graphics are drawn using JavaScript. Html4 vs html5 has different methods for paths, circles, boxes, characters and adding images. By default it has no border and no content.

The markup looks like this:

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