Everybody is familiar with the Jehovah's Witnesses' standard modus 6, brochures, 20, books, and , magazines every month. Strait-laced Singapore has slashed the number of publications it bans adult topics, but kept a prohibition on Jehovah's Witnesses publications. Watchtower Group of Booklets Neutrality & Jehovah's Witnesses. $ 1 bid Appears to be an original publication except for the cover. At some point, it was.


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I hope you return to Jehovah. Unbaptized adherents cannot be disfellowshipped, since formally they were never Jehovah's Witnesses to begin with. How Safe Perhaps their most distinctive belief, and one which they jehovahs witnesses publications a great deal of emphasis on, is their opposition jehovahs witnesses publications blood transfusions.

Rules have changed over the years and some blood products are allowed. Baptized JWs who willingly accept a blood transfusion are regarded as having voluntarily renounced their faith.

Code of Practice for the Surgical Management of Jehovah's Witnesses — Royal College of Surgeons

While they are not disfellowshipped, they can no longer take part in the normal activities of a congregation. Nothing unholy about pharmaceutical addiction though; just look at the happy jehovahs witnesses publications of Michael Jackson and Prince.


Abortion[ edit ] Most Jehovah's Witnesses strongly condemn abortion. However, JWs believe in blood transfusions even less, so if a pregnant mother desperately wants out, she can jehovahs witnesses publications put in the religious cheat codes and cut through her veins to freedom.

Just don't expect there to be one of the devil's ambulances waiting to rescue you.

So, drawing conclusions from the movement's literature particularly back editions to evaluate the day-to-day practices of a specific family may render an inaccurate picture of their proper religious involvement.

Their staunch neutrality means that they refuse to salute flags or sing anthems, and in keeping with a broader tradition of Christian pacifism they refrain from any participation in such functions of government as military, judicial, or law enforcement.

Sadly for many German JWs, their refusal to be nationalistic or serve in the military made them targets for the Nazis and they were persecuted along with Jews and Roma jehovahs witnesses publications the Holocaust.

Higher education, career advancement and spending time with non-Witnesses is discouraged, since it encourages critical thinking and exchange of ideas that jehovahs witnesses publications cause one to wake up takes away time that could be spent spreading the good news to worldly heathens.

The old wisdom that it's good to listen more than you speak is not looked upon highly by JWs. It is copyrightedunlike pre translations, but available online. Mainstream biblical scholars are divided on the quality of this translation, with some generally those associated with rival Christian denominations staunchly criticizing it, primarily for rendering critical passages in a way that does not admit a trinitarian interpretation, [Note 4] and others praising it for accuracy.

Singapore slashes publication bans, but not for Jehovah's Witnesses

The most criticized feature of the translation is the replacement of the Greek word "kyrios" Lord in the New Testament with "Jehovah" whenever it refers to God. Another JW translation, the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, also published by the Watchtower, is actually considered pretty good, and notably differs from the New World Translation in certain key places.

The Watchtower has a more spiritual theme and has two issues per month. The issue that appears at the beginning of the month has articles intended for a general audience and is used during preaching.

The middle-of-month "Study Edition" issue contains articles for study during the weekend meetings and is rarely disseminated outside of the congregation. Minor jehovahs witnesses publications include the monthly Our Kingdom Ministry, which contains organizational information and preaching advice, and Jehovah's Witnesses' Yearbook, which contains statistical information about membership and jehovahs witnesses publications from countries around the world.

In addition to the serials, JWs have published a wide array of books, brochures and tracts on topics such as family life, the doctrine of the Trinity, life after deathworld religions, the Book of Isaiahthe prophecies from the Book of Revelationthe history of Jehovah's Witnesses, and creationism.


Conflicts with science[ edit ] Carnivorous dinosaurs are a big problem for the JW worldview. Their beliefs about the origins of life and humankind are mostly old Earth creationism.

They believe that each "day" in the Genesis creation story refers to an unspecified period of time, which could be millions jehovahs witnesses publications years day-age creationism.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Man is thought to have been created roughly years ago, based on something similar to James Ussher 's chronology. All jehovahs witnesses publications and persons described in the Bible, including the Great Floodare considered historical facts.

The level of acceptance for evolution mirrors that of other creationists in that " microevolution " is acknowledged to occur but common descent is denied.


JWs avoid exploring their hypotheses rigorously, instead directing attention to trust in the Bible. As a consequence, they do not promote hilarious nonsense such as baraminology.

Dinosaurs are thought to have gone extinct before the creation of humans, and consequently, before the Fall of Man. This poses an interesting contradiction:

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