The most relevant Swiss certification system is Minergie - ECO, supported by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Cantons along with Trade and Industry. Jump to The MINERGIE-P-ECO®-Standard - and ecological requirements of both MINERGIE-P®-Standard and MINERGIE-Eco®-Standard. The MINERGIE-ECO label expands upon the MINERGIE and MINERGIE-P construction standards, introducing a more environmentally conscious and healthier.


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Apart from general requirements such as a ventilation system and moderate extra costs, a detailed quantitative proof of energy performance for heating, hot water, ventilation and air conditioning has to be delivered.

The appropriate forms for all projects applying for a certificate minergie eco verified and random tests on the building sites are performed. The following table shows an example of the principles behind the proof of the data.

Minergie - Wikipedia

Freeware in German for simple houses and Swiss climatic conditions can be downloaded at: Hence this has to be done separately to get the effective heating demand C. Effective heating energy D: The heating energy demand useful energy is divided by the conversion efficiency in this case of the oil furnaceleading to the end use energy E.

The energy weighting minergie eco F: The end use energy is multiplied by an energy weighting factor, leading to the weighted energy use for minergie eco G. The energy weighting factor for fossil energies is 1.

The same procedure using efficiency and energy weighting factor leads to the weighted energy demand for hot water I. The energy weighting factor for electricity is 2 reflecting the big share of hydropower in Switzerland.

Electricity for ventilation K: The electricity consumption for ventilation is taken at the end use level and analogously processed to obtain the weighted energy demand.

Minergie P-Eco - CESBA-Wiki

The sum of all weighted energy demand components has to be compared to the limiting value, i. The building stock is sectored into 12 categories minergie eco different uses.

Some of them have differing limiting values and all of them have their own standardised input data, such as indoor air temperature, air change rate, specific electricity demand etc.


There is a set of default values available which may be used. Better performance has to be proven.


But if so claimed, the technology used has to be defined and, also, installed. The energy weighting minergie eco represent a simplified approach for taking the conversion losses from primary to end use energy into account. For example the heating energy demand can be lowered by improving the insulation, part of the minergie eco water can be produced with solar-thermal collectors and heating and hot water can be provided by a heat pump.

The latter is illustrated in the following table.

It is then sufficient to choose one of the five given accepted minergie eco solutions for heating and hot water and to fulfil a few additional minergie eco. The five standard solutions are: Ground-source heat pump for heating and hot water all year.


Wood-fired systems minergie eco heating and hot water in winter, thermal collectors for hot water in summer. Automatic wood-fired systems for heating and hot water all yeare. Use of waste heat industry, waste incineration and minergie eco treatment plants for heating and hot water all year as single source.

Air-to-water heat pump outside air for heating and hot water all year.

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