There are many operations management books to learn from, below are 7 highly recommended books for supply chain professionals. I purchased this book for an Operations Management class and it is surprisingly easy to read with tons of information. I like how they lay out all the definitions in. There are so many different facets of Operations Management books recommended to every supply chain professional; it can be awe-inspiring.


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So we would like to know how well the operations management book performs against the SCM book from the citation analysis perspective. The results are mind-blowing!

Popular Operations Management Books

The book "Reengineering the Corporation: We believe that "practicality" of our top operations management book is the key. Because everyone including academia loves something simple but effective. Are they still relevant to the modern business context? We believe the classic book like "The Six Sigma Way" by Peter Pande and Robert Neuman stands the test of time because the core lean concept doesn't change over the years.

In short, they are relevant and don't lose touch with the modern business environment We believe some of these books are already on your bookshelves. Some of you operation management book asked if can I recommend Operations Management books, this led me to writing this blog.

In this blog, I will give you my pick of the Best 13 Operations Management books in no particular order that I believe will not only help with theoretical scenarios but will equip every Supply Chain Professional to tackle and adapt to any real-world situation in operations world.

Recommended 13 Operations Management Books 1. This Operations Management operation management book can also act as reference to various courses since several concepts are discussed with abundant detail which I found useful.

Operation Management: Jay Heizer, Barry Render: : Books

The book also offers a pleasant sense of balance with theory and application in formulation and calculation course. The text is well organized and the author did a great job in keeping explanation as modest as possible.

Even the end of chapter operation management book are the same. Operations Management 11th Edition This Operations Management book offers a comprehensive and real-world overview to operations, strengthened with an all-embracing assemblage of practice exercises.

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Operations Management 11th Edition offers a wide-ranging overview to Operations Management field operations in a genuine and practical operation management book, while providing the highest and most assorted collection of problems among other Operations Management books. I like how they lay out all the definitions in the margins and go into further detail in the reading.


This book offers students and readers alike with a complete framework for addressing operational process and supply chain problems.

The author used a systemized method while concentrating on subjects of operation management book interest. The text provides plentiful prospects for students to practice the role of a manager with stimulating cases and problems.

A personalized library of videos for distinct chapters, practical exercises, simulations, and online resources securely integrated with MyOMLab.

October 1, Paperback This Operations Management book is an outstanding autobiography on Jack Welch takes us on the hurly-burly ride that has been his amazing life.

It is part operation management book the Operations Management books recommend for everyone.

Popular Operations Management Books

It contains a serious message for all managers in operation management book and explains the ideas, which underline the Theory of Constraints TOCdeveloped by Eli Goldratt. Execution shows how to link the three fundamental elements of every organization and create a business based on exchange of ideas, intellectual honesty and realism.

This book demonstrates how to close the gap between results promised and results delivered that people in business need today, the importance of being deeply and passionately engaged in an organization and why robust dialogues about people, strategy, and operations result in a business based on intellectual honesty and realism.

Companies such as Apple, Google and Tesco have transformed their prospects through the way they manage their operations resources strategically, turning their operations capabilities into a formidable asset.

These and other examples in this book illustrate the broad and long-term issues of Operations Strategy that complement the more operational, immediate, tangible and specific issues that operation management book Operations Management.

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