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PubMed Search Operative dentistry journal and Scope The Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics Officially abbreviated as Restor Dent Endod is a peer-reviewed and openaccess journal providing up-to-date information regarding the research and developments on new knowledge and innovations pertinent to the field of contemporary clinical operative dentistry, restorative dentistry, and endodontics.

In the field of operative and restorative dentistry, the journal deals with diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment concepts and techniques, adhesive dentistry, esthetic dentistry, tooth whitening, dental materials and implant restoration.

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To evaluate the effects of different surface treatments on the repair bond strength of three different nanohybrid composites, namely conventional nanohybrid, bulk fill, and ceramicincorporated composites.

Kerr nanohybrid, group II: Composite material was restored with incremental layering technique of 2 mm thickness. Aging of the composite blocks was achieved by operative dentistry journal them in distilled water for 1 week and then thermocycling.

The samples were surface treated as subgroup A: At baseline and 6 months, there was no statistically significant difference between both materials for all tested outcomes.

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SAFC has shown clinical performance similar to conventional flowable composite after 6 months of clinical service. Porosity analysis of mineral trioxide aggregate Fillapex and BioRoot cements for use in operative dentistry journal using microcomputed tomography p.


These samples were analyzed using microcomputed tomography. Sixteen samples were used in the study operative dentistry journal were divided according to the composition of the materials used.

Comparative evaluation of a low-level laser and topical desensitizing agent for treating dentinal hypersensitivity: A randomized controlled trial p.

The aim of this randomized, controlled, double-blinded, clinical study is to evaluate and compare the clinical effectiveness of low-level diode GaAlAs laser and glutaraldehyde-based operative dentistry journal desensitizing agent on cervical dentin hypersensitivity with the help of visual analog scale VAS.

Oral Health and Dental Management

Fifty teeth of patients aged between 20 and 50 years were included, and VAS was used operative dentistry journal assess the dentin hypersensitivity. The teeth were randomly allocated to either Group 1 or 2 using flip coin technique.

Group 1 received glutaraldehyde desensitizer and Group 2 received nm low-level laser. The sensitivity scores were recorded, immediately, after1 week and 3 months after therapy.

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Data was analyzed using Mann-Whitney U test for intergroup comparison and Friedman's test for intragroup comparison. Although topical desensitizer and Low Level Laser are both effective in reducing dentinal hypersensitivity, Low Level Lasers are comparatively more effective at the studied time intervals.

Effect of different concentrations of carbamide peroxide on the operative dentistry journal susceptibility of resin composites p.

Bleaching can affect the surface properties of resin composites.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of three regimens of carbamide peroxide CP on staining susceptibility of silorane and methacrylate-based resin composites. In this study, 80 composite disks were prepared from A2 shade of P90 and Z composite resins 40 each.

Controls were kept in distilled water. Then, specimens operative dentistry journal immersed in a tea solution for 14 consecutive days.

Stress distribution in a tooth treated through operative dentistry journal invasive access compared to one treated through traditional access: A finite element analysis study p.


The purpose of this study was to compare the stress distributions in the teeth treated through minimally invasive access MIA designs operative dentistry journal those of the teeth treated through traditional straight-line access and their relationship to the final restoration using three-dimensional finite element analysis FEA.

Four FEA models of an extracted mandibular first molar were constructed.

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