A1: Polio is an incurable disease caused by a viral infection, which usually spreads via Pulse polio vaccination helps to protect your child against polio only. Indian J Med Sci. Aug;55(8) Awareness about pulse polio immunization among the general population in Delhi. Singh MM(1), Bano T, Dabas P. With the global initiative of eradication of polio in following World Health Assembly resolution in , Pulse Polio Immunization programme was launched in India in WHO on 24th February removed India from the list of countries with active endemic wild polio virus transmission.


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pulse polio immunization The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recommended eight to ten doses for each child. Children in some areas of India are weaker and often had diarrhea, which reduced the efficiency of the vaccine.

Open defecationmonsoon flooding, and a lack of water treatment made it easier for a child to swallow more polio virus.


As a result, children with too few doses of vaccine were not pulse polio immunization protected and sometimes got polio. Few parents initially knew that the vaccination campaign was trying to eradicate the disease, so they did not understand the reasons for the increasing intensity of vaccination.

Internet Scientific Publications

The increasing frequency of the drops and cases of polio among partially vaccinated children, caused rumours that the drops did not work. This was the fourth such case recorded in the country pulse polio immunization People in some areas had had poor and caste-discriminatory treatment by government health authorities, which made them less willing to assist in the vaccination programme.

The time demands of polio vaccination sometimes left health care workers with less time for other services. The absence of any free health services other than polio vaccination and contraception lead pulse polio immunization rumours that the drops caused infertility.

Pulse Polio Programme

At any booth, no vaccine vial was pulse polio immunization in VVM stage 3 or 4. In any round, pulse polio immunization knowledge regarding VVM was not found in urban areas compared to tribal areas. Figure 2 Table 1: Figure 3 Table 2: Source of information of parents or guardians about the Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization round in South Gujarat Region in India during At both urban and tribal areas, teams were found in the field during house to house activity and were immunizing the children but not proactively.

No vial was found in VVM stage 3 or 4 during this activity.

Awareness about pulse polio immunization among the general population in Delhi.

In both the rounds, more number of children was found unimmunized in urban areas as compared to tribal areas of different districts during house to house visits this shows more proactiveness in the pulse polio immunization areas compared to the urban areas.

As tribal areas are also hilly areas, it was difficult for investigators to visit more number of areas and teams compared to the urban areas. Figure 4 Table 3: Observations by the investigators on house to house activities during pulse polio immunization in South Gujarat region during Awareness regarding Vaccine Vial Monitor VVM was checked among booth members.

In urban areas, out of booth members, Statistically significant difference P Figure 5 Table 4: Awareness pattern among various staff categories about Vaccine Vial Monitor in urban areas of South Gujarat region in India during These booth members were further interviewed, among them In urban areas only On asking booth members when to discard the vaccine, Staff members did not know the fact that they were not allowed to discard any vaccine vial without informing their supervisor.

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Figure 6 Table 5: Awareness pattern among various pulse polio immunization categories about Vaccine Vial Monitor in tribal areas of South Gujarat region in India during Discussion South Gujarat region comprises a mix of urban and tribal areas.

This evaluation was done in urban and tribal areas of various districts of this region.

Awareness about pulse polio immunization among the general population in Delhi.

It shows manpower shortage in form of one community member at each point and is not a good sign. Poor involvement of the community members, poor mobilization during booth activity in urban areas, seasonal migration of population from tribal areas to urban areas and poor training quality as teams have poor actual knowledge regarding VVM, could be few other pulse polio immunization reasons responsible for poor booth coverage even after easily visible booths with well displayed IEC pulse polio immunization.


Similarly, Aggarwal K et al 7 observed that manpower shortage in the form of volunteers from community pulse polio immunization responsible for lower coverage at booths. Television and informed with microphone announcement were the main source of information for polio round as reported by Dobe M et al 9 in their study.

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