The book Time Riders - The Pirate Kings is about three children who have a job to look after the I've just finished reading book 7 of this whirlwind of a series! TimeRiders is a series of teen science fiction novels written by Alex Scarrow. It has nine books .. Jump up ^ "TimeRiders: The Pirate Kings (Book 7) – TimeRiders". Retrieved August 9, Jump up ^ "TimeRiders: The Mayan. Liam O'Connor should have died at sea in Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in But all three.


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With so little time left, this seventh novel provides a welcome swashbuckling interlude between the staggering revelations of City of Shadows and the ominous threat of danger promised in Time riders book 7 Mayan Prophecyto be published on 1 August.

Obviously, it barely needs saying that no reader should start a series such as this with Book 2, let alone Book 7. Instead go back to the beginning and relish the treat you have in store as you catch up with time riders book 7 adventures of our TimeRiders Liam, Maddy and Sal with their seven-foot support units Bob and Becks.

If you are familiar with the series then read on… This seventh book is slightly different. It takes a step back, giving our team or at least part of it a distraction from what they have time riders book 7 in the previous novel.


Now headquartered in late 19th-century London, the team are on their own, free of their mission and apart from their past. Time travel now opens up new opportunities for Liam, Maddy and Sal, plus latest member Rashim.

TimeRiders - Wikipedia

So what we have here is a glorious high seas time riders book 7 of pirates, sword fights and treasure hunting underlined with a heavyweight theme of 17th century morality, racism, barbaric justice, and even cruelty to women There is violence at every corner in the narrative just as there was in the smoke filled streets of 17th century London and Jamaica.

Dont worry, if you are thinking about the "cruelty to women" part, there is nothing explicit but suggestions are clear. Yes, these books are quite strong in violence, often graphic, so parents of younger readers may want to assess first.

If you have the train of thought that its best to educate youngsters of the harsh realities of history and the world at present then this book will serve a great purpose in that respect, as the harsh realities are vitally complemented with very clear moral values.


These are not books glorifying violence, time riders book 7 the opposite. This is an intelligent series, championing moral values while uglifying violence. He is later killed in City of Shadows by the support units sent by Waldstein, who identify him as a valid target due to the fact that he is an older version of Liam.

The Pirate Kings

Foster is then revealed to also be a genetically engineered unit based upon the son of Waldstein. Rashim Anwar — A scientific technician from the yearRashim was part of time riders book 7 Exodus", a project to re-create Waldstein's time travel technology and alter the past in Gates of Rome.

Rashim is recruited to the team by Maddy due to his knowledge of future events, with the team only being able to access information of history up to the year In the alternate timeline caused time riders book 7 Project Exodus, the team discover a much older version of Rashim held captive by Emperor Caligula in Ancient Rome.

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Rashim leads the team to safety where they then meet and recruit the younger Rashim whilst he is left to die in peace. Rashim then helps the team to set up a new time riders book 7 office in Holborn viaduct in Victorian London.

TimeRiders: The Pirate Kings (Book 7)

Rashim dies after catching the Kosong-ni virus during time riders book 7 team's final trip to He becomes part of the team along with Rashim and serves as the team's base assistant.

Roald Waldstein - Creator of the first time machine and the TimeRiders agency. During his first practical demonstration of time travel in the yearWaldstein returns a completely changed man. He never tells anyone what he time riders book 7, and the mystery becomes known as the "Waldstein Enigma".

He proceeds to destroy his time machine and his research, believing time travel to be of great danger to humanity.

Waldstein campaigns vociferously to prevent the use of time travel technology, and an international law is passed forbidding it on punishment of death.

Despite this, Waldstein then creates time riders book 7 TimeRiders agency in order to prevent any rogue time travellers from changing history. Waldstein trains the agency for several months before returning to the year to monitor them.

TimeRiders 7: The Pirate Kings by Alex Scarrow

However, after one mission, the team are followed into the archway by an entity known as a "seeker". It kills Maddy, Sal and the support unit, but Liam manages to deal with the seeker how he does so is not known.

However, Liam is left chronically aged.

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