Kapa, kapalen, kapalo, kapan, kapar, kaparen, kape, kapec, kapela, kapelan, .. vragolin, vragov, vragovina, vragovka, vragovnica, vrak, vran, vrana, vranac. , Croatian, Book edition: Vragov kapelan: razmišljanja o nadi, lažima, znanosti i ljubavi / Richard Dawkins ; prijevod Jadranka Pintarić, Sonja Ludvig. /, Dawkins, Richard: Vragov kapelan: razmišljanja o nadi, lažima, znanosti i ljubavi [Croatian] (ISBN: ) / Ludvig, Sonja;.


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With this system, reviewers will be directly rewarded for their efforts. For the reviewer who feels a sense of commitment, monetary compensation might not be a motivating factor; however, it should not negatively impact the evaluation process.

vragov kapelan

The compensation can be viewed as vragov kapelan bonus or a thank-you; it can even be donated to an institution or returned to the system. Another motivating factor will be that data on individual reviewers will be kept and displayed.

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Services for editing papers could also be offered. Submission component An essential part of the proposed electronic publication vragov kapelan is its submission module.

The system, along with its market mechanism, plays the role of an editor. Authors start the process by submitting articles for evaluation.


Every article submission is accompanied by a submission fee and must vragov kapelan a collection of valid subject headings. A valid subject heading is one that is listed as an area of interest by at least three forecasters in their on-line profile.

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An author may also propose a new subject heading, which can vragov kapelan validated after seven vragov kapelan add it to their profiles or express willingness to evaluate the article. These forecasters have on-line profiles that include affiliations and subject-area interests.


After an article has been successfully submitted, the system compiles a list of all forecasters who are suitable to read it. Forecasters will compete for a portion of the bid. Experimental market literature suggests vragov kapelan having more than five participants in a market drastically reduces the likelihood of cooperative gaming Ketcham, Smith, and Williams For this reason, the system chooses seven forecasters for each article.

If more than seven members are vragov kapelan suitable, members who are currently in process of reading an article are not eligible.


The system will randomly distribute the article to any seven of the remaining suitable forecasters. Forecaster suitability is determined by the number of matches between the subject areas of the article and the subject areas residing in the electronic profile of a forecaster.

Only the first three forecasters to complete an evaluation report will be eligible vragov kapelan a monetary compensation from the author so that forecast speed is encouraged.

The system takes into consideration the forecasts of several forecasters and estimates the expected profit from the article. Forecasters are compensated by the author of the article in proportion to the accuracy of their predictions.

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If the expected profit is negative and the author still wants to vragov kapelan the article, he vragov kapelan she has to pay to cover the publishing costs. A fixed payment of a similar sort is not completely alien; some journals already levy page charges on authors e.

Distribution component An important final feature of the system is a reader-feedback mechanism similar to the one proposed by Mizzaro

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